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Weller LT Measuring Tip for WSD81/WD1000/WD2000,iron PCC/WP80/WSP80/MPR80

Weller LT Measuring Tip for WSD81/WD1000/WD2000,iron PCC/WP80/WSP80/MPR80

Weller LT Measuring Tip for WSD81/WD1000/WD2000,iron PCC/WP80/WSP80/MPR80

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Weller
Certification: ROHS
Model Number: LT Measuring Tip

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Price: EXW
Packaging Details: Weller or neutral package
Delivery Time: 7 days
Payment Terms: T/T,Western Union,Paypal,Escrow
Supply Ability: 5000PCS/Month
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Detailed Product Description
Application: Soldering

Weller LT Measuring Tip soldering iron tips for soldering station WSD81/WD1000/WSSD80/WD2000/WDD161V,hand pencil PCC/WP80/WSP80/MPR80

The Weller soldering Tip for the Weller WSP80 Soldering Pencil Iron is solid copper plated with iron all over, and features nickel and chromium behind the working surface to provide maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip. Each tip is individually bagged. Soldering Tips for Soldering irons WP 80, WSP 80,MPR 80 and FE 75, TCP-Soldering irons Soldering tips of the LT series fit with the adapter to soldering iron LR 21. 

LT series Soldering tip set with 50 different LT tips 
Model            Description                      Width A      Thickness B        max.Length L
LT 1SC           Chisel tip,                          0,4 mm      0,15 mm                15,0 mm
LT 1SCNW    Chisel tip,chrome           0,3 mm        0,1 mm                  15,0 mm
LT A               Chisel tip,                          1,6 mm         0,7 mm                  13,5 mm
LT ASL           Chisel tip, flat 30°            1,6 mm        0,45 mm                13,5 mm
LT B               Chisel tip,(1 piece)           2,4 mm       0,8 mm                   13,5 mm
LT BSL           Chisel tip, flat 30°             2,4 mm        0,45 mm               13,5 mm
LT H               Chisel tip,                           0,8 mm        0,4 mm                  13,5 mm
LT HSL           Flacher Mei?el 30°           0,8 mm        0,4 mm                 13,5 mm
LT HHPB       Chisel tip                            0,8 mm         0,4 mm                 13,5 mm
LT AHPB       Chisel tip                            1.6 mm         0,7 mm                  13,5 mm
LT BHPB       Chisel tip                             2.4 mm        0,8 mm                  13,5 mm
LT DHPB       Chisel tip                             4.6 mm        0,8 mm                 13,5 mm
LT C                Chisel tip,                           3,2 mm         0,8 mm                13,5 mm
LT D               Chisel tip                             4,6 mm         0,8 mm                13,5 mm
LT DLL           Chisel tip,                            4,6 mm         0,8 mm                13,5 mm 
LT K                Chisel tip long,                   1,2 mm         0,4 mm                 21,0 mm
LT L                Chisel tip long,                    2,0 mm         1,0 mm                21,0 mm
LT M               Chisel tip long,                    3,2 mm          1,2 mm               21,0 mm
LT HX             Chisel tip bent 30°,             0,8 mm          0,4 mm              18,0 mm
LT ALX           Chisel tip bent 30°,             1,6 mm          0,7 mm              18,0 mm
LT BX             Chisel tip bent 30°               2,4 mm         0,8 mm              18,0 mm
LT AX             Chisel tip bent 30°,              1,6 mm          0,8 mm              13,5 mm
LT 4X             Chisel tip bent 30°               1,2 mm          0,4 mm              16,5 mm
LT MX            Chisel tip bent 30°,               3,2 mm          0,8 mm             19,3 mm
LT 1S             Round tip slim,(1 piece)     Ø 0,2 mm                                  15,0 mm
LT 1SNW       Round tip slim,chrome,unwettable,  Ø1,0 mm
LT 1SA            Round tip slim,                    Ø 0,5 mm                                  16,0 mm
LT 1                 Round tip,                             Ø 0,25 mm                                14,0 mm
LT 1NW          Unwettable, chrome
LT 1A               Round tip,                             Ø 0,5 mm                                  14,0 mm
LT AS               Round tip,                             Ø 1,6 mm                                  13,5 mm
LT CS                Round tip,                           Ø 3,2 mm                                   13,5 mm
LT 1SLX            Round tip, slim bent 30°  Ø 2,0 mm        Ø0,4 mm          20,5 mm
LT 1X                 Round tip bent 30°            Ø 0,4 mm                                  12,5 m
LT 4                   Round tip sloped 45°        Ø 1,2 mm                                  15,0 mm
LT 4CP              Round tip sloped 45°       Ø 1,2 mm                                  15,0 mm
LT 22CP            Round tip sloped 45°      Ø 2,0 mm                                   20,0 mm
LT 33CP            Round tip sloped 45°       Ø 3,0 mm                                  20,0 mm
LT F                   Round tip sloped 45°         Ø1,2 mm                                   13,5 mm
LT AA60            Round tip sloped 60°,       1,6 mm             4,0 mm            13,0 mm
LT BB60            Round tip sloped 60°        2,4 mm            4,0 mm             18,0 mm
LT BB45            Round tip sloped 45°,       2,4 mm
LT CC60             Round tip sloped 60°      3,2 mm             6,0 mm            18,0 mm
LT CC45             Round tip sloped 45°,     3,2 mm
LT DD45           Round tip sloped 45°,       4,0 mm             6,0 mm             20,0 mm
LT DD45           Round tip sloped 45°,       4,6 mm             6,0 mm             20,0 mm
LT 1L                 Conical long,                      Ø0,2 mm                                     26,4 mm
LT 1LNW          Conical long,chrome,unwettable  Ø0,1 mm
LT S                   Conical long,                      Ø0,4 mm                                    21,0 mm
LT T                   Conical long,                      Ø0,6 mm                                    13,0 mm
LT O                  Conical long,                       Ø 0,8 mm                                  17,0m
                          Conical long,                       Ø 1,0 mm                                   17,0 mm
                          Conical long,                       Ø 1,4 mm                                   17,0 mm
                          Conical long,                       Ø2,0 mm                                    17,0 mm
LT 1LX             Conical long bent,              Ø 0,2 mm                                    26,4 mm
LT GW              Gullwing tip 45°,                 Ø2,3 mm             3,2 mm         18,8 mm
LT GW              Gullwing tip 45°                  Ø 3,5 mm            4,8 mm        18,8 mm
LT KN               Knife tip                                2,0 mm                6,2mm         16,5 mm
LT KNH            Knife tip                                2,0 mm                6,2mm         16,5 mm
LT KNS            Knife tip                                2,0 mm                6,2mm         12,5 mm
LT K                 Gullwing tip 45°                 Ø2,0 mm                                     16,5 mm
LT                     Measuring tip for Thermoelement, Ø0,5 mm                   13,0 mm
LT Screw with M4 outside thread                                                                  8,0 mm
Benefits & Features of the Weller LT Series Soldering Tip for WSP80 Iron:
  • Solid copper plated with iron all over
  • Nickel and chromium behind the working surface
  • Designed to provide maximum heat transfer from the heater to the tip
Detailed Product Description:
1.Strong corrosion resistance 
2.Long life span and lead free
3.Not easy to be oxidizing 
4.Rohs SGS approved 
5.Weller or OEM package
7.Applied to WSD81 soldering station;
8.Lead-free environmental protection,accord with ROSH standards,have SGS lead-free report;
9.Fine workmanship, special shape forming machine to ensure accurate size,by special grinding,the appearance elegant and size uniform;
10.Under temperature 400±20 can reach 40000 solder joints;
11.Tin on and off fluent and uniform;
12.Single original new packaging.
13.Long life circle,it can reach 13-15 cycles (Metal turn over);
14.Plating state high hardness,Hv above 700, usually the heat treatment can be omitted but still have high wear resistance;
15.Strong solder ability,it has the best plating on the market at present;
16.Excellent anti-corrosion effect in alkaline medium; 
17.Strong competitiveness in deep plating and uniform plating;
18.Good combination quality and high hardness surface make low phosphorus plating excellent in wear resistance.
Character & advantage:
1. Soldering tips’manufacturer 
2. Competitive price.
3. Timely delivery.
4. Free samples offered.
5. We also provide OEM service.
6. High quality and good after service
7. Use special molding machine to process
8. Soldering tip size very precise
9. Welding life span more than 50000 joints
10. Reliable quality proved by overseas market in Asia, European, North America,Middle East and Africa.
Use note1: try to tip in the normal temperature range, as far as soldering, extend tip life.
Use Note 2: After a period of time soldering tip, the surface oxide layer will appear, it is recommended to use special tools to remove, otherwise will cause the phenomenon do not de-soldering tin,tip do not de-soldering tin, with 80% of the factor is related to your use habits .
Use Note3: avoid tip dry, otherwise it will affect life expectancy. 
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